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As a landlord your goal is to accept tenants who are highly likely to pay rent on time, comply with all rules and regulations, and fulfill their obligations as tenant. Troublesome tenants, however, are an inevitable part of rental property ownership and management, and you may find yourself navigating Florida’s residential eviction laws on more than one occasion.

Adhering to these laws is critical, which is why we urge you to bring your case to SIMPLYLEGAL. Our residential eviction attorneys can help you understand the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. If possible, we can help you avoid disputes, but we won’t hesitate to litigate your case if necessary.

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The Residential Eviction Process in Florida

Before evicting a tenant, you will need to legally terminate their tenancy by giving them written notice.

The type of notice you give your tenant will depend on the reason for the eviction. For example, you may give them:

  • A 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (giving the tenant three days to either pay what they owe or move out)
  • A 7-Day Notice to Cure (giving the tenant seven days to fix a violation/come back into compliance with the lease or rental agreement)
  • A 7-Day Unconditional Quit Notice (allowing you to terminate the tenancy without giving the tenant the opportunity to fix a violation; only available for certain types of violations)

If your tenant fails to comply with the above notices (by paying rent, fixing a violation, or moving out), you can file an eviction lawsuit with the appropriate court.

You might also be able to terminate the lease without cause, depending on the termination provisions within your lease.

Eviction Litigation

In the best-case scenario, your tenant will either rectify the problem or move out. However, some tenants will choose to fight the eviction, which will increase the time and cost of the process. As such, we highly recommend enlisting our support before you begin this process. The smallest mistakes can cost you by give your tenant the opportunity to delay and in certain circumstances avoid the eviction and even hold you liable for other costs.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to force a tenant to move out until they are removed by the Sheriff through the appropriate Eviction proceedings.

Bring Your Questions and Concerns to SIMPLYLEGAL

Our residential evictions attorneys have spent years developing the legal skills and knowledge needed to assist you. With our support, you can complete the eviction process lawfully and efficiently. We can help you protect your property and financial security while advocating for your rights and holding tenants accountable for violating their lease.

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“There are things that should always be said. The smallest detail can become a legal issue in the future. LET US HELP YOU.”

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